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    Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura di Milano
    Colombo Alessandro & Figlio is qualified for the instalatioin, transformation, expansion and maintenance of
    technical systems rifered in the Art. 1 of law N° 37/08:
  1. Sector A) electrical systems
  2. Sector C) air-conditioning systems; thermal and heating systems
  3. Sector D) sanitary systems
  4. Sector G) gas systems
  5. Sector E) fire prevention systems
    Registed to the National Association of Environmental Operators
    (Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali)

    Registration n. MI 33727
    DAIKIN principal authorized installer
    ASSISTAL associate [ go to certification | PDF]
    National Association of technical systems manufacturers
    Registration n° 5332
    Italian Certification of quality systems corporates
    (Certificazione italiana dei sistemi qualità aziendale)
    [ go to certification | PDF]
  • systems quality certification:
  • Certification n° 1291 UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Iqnet Registration No. IT-7863

    CQOP SOA – Registred as part of the Manufacturers qualified for public works
    (Iscrizione Costruttori Qualificati Opere Pubbliche) - [ go to certification | PDF]
    Certification n. 44240/10/00
    Cat OS 3 Class I
    Cat OS 28 Class II